Customer Testimonials

  1. I just wanted to compliment you! I just stopped by to try out your coffee. I Love coffee, who doesn't these days. Your coffee shop really is a relaxing place. It was actually quiet despite the fact that people were ordering and the gentleman working was super nice and helpful. I got the coconut creme latte and my boyfriend got 4 shots of espresso with cream. I normally hate his drinks because I like sugar but they both were AMAZING! I will definitely be back! It's great coffee and a great atmosphere! Thank you so much!
  2. This is the second time I've been in that coffee shop and the owners are amazing the atmosphere is calming and it's just a great all-around place for people to go and are able to sit and do their work or just hang out still being a very warm comforting environment that isn't loud at all and that's what I love about it
  3. My husband and I met up with some of our neighbors here and were greeted with a very friendly staff, amazing food, coffee and tea. The prices are great with great service. The setting is very relaxing and inviting yet gives you a place to be social. Love it and will for sure be going back
  4. Everything about this place is amazing! The owners are friendly, the drinks and pastries are delicious, and the atmosphere is very welcoming. I'm so happy Goodyear finally has such a one of a kind coffee shop now.
  5. Great shop to hang out at! We enjoyed it immensely and the owners are so kind and helpful. My daughter is going to be bringing her friends to hang out and wants to come do her homework there since they have great seating areas and WIFI! Thank you so much for your hospitality!will appear.
  6. Excellent coffee with a community focused vibe! I sat here for a few hours to get some work done. I had a specialty cappuccino followed by a fresh brewed coffee (I drink a lot of coffee... lol). As I worked on my laptop (free wifi), I observed community. People coming in and out. Talking. Chatting. Laughing. Smiling. It was clear that customers come back for more too! I look forward to coming again.
  7. This coffee/espresso competes with Starbuck's any day of the week. The owners/ operators are friendly and inviting. It's a great place to study or read which I can't really do at Starbuck's. Goodyear has really needed a place like this for a long time, so glad they opened
  8. Took my girls there. Not sure how my coffee critics would react. Next thing I know, they're Snapchatting, Google reviewing 5 star ratings, discussing planning meet ups with their youth group here. As for me, I've found my new haunt. Great service! Great atmosphere! Great people! Owners are incredibly friendly! Five stars are not nearly enough.
  9. I always love checking out new local shops and I can tell this one is going to be the next hot spot. From the moment you walk in you can feel the relaxing and welcoming environment then you are greeted with a smile and warm welcome from the owners. While my order was being made I was chit chatting with them, their love and passion not only for their business but for the community is amazing and something you don't get at other places. The prices are absolutely reasonable and when I tried my Coconut Crème Cappuccino I knew I was hooked. I cant wait to try something else!
  10. My wife absolutely loved the pumpkin spice cold brew. She loves coffee and I love espresso. We will be back for sure. Cheaper than Starbucks and better than Dutch Bros. Owners are friendly and inviting. Very excited for this place!